> Craftsman Storage (Hollywood)


Craftsman-style bungalow in Hollywood built in 1919. Clients demanded more storage options, and a landing unit by the front door to capture diaper bag, keys, laptops, incoming/outgoing mail, scripts and dog leashes. The simple and elegant home design called for an organizational piece that was handmade, not mass-produced, sturdy and created of natural materials. OrganizingLA worked with the family to sum up all the storage they needed when they walked in the door, measured all the items to go into the unit, consulted with an interior designer, developed drawings for a beautiful built-in bookcase unit, had the piece custom made and installed into the wall by a finish carpenter. Note that the bookcase unit was completed (7/30). Decorative baskets, containers, and hooks have not been installed yet and we used placeholder organizing accessories to encourage new habits before purchasing final supplies. Storage problem by the front door, solved.