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February 27, 2007


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» Don't take a seat! (for shorter meetings) from Productivity Cafe
John Trosko talks about another great way to keep meetings short at his blog, Organizing LA. There he suggests removing seats from a meeting room and hold the meetings standing up. Click here for the article: John's article. Bravo John ~ it's a great i... [Read More]

» Stand up to speed up meetings from Lifehacker
Weblog OrganizingLA suggests that the key to shorter meetings might be losing the chairs. Instead of sitting at a traditional conference table, we took the chairs out of the room and ran meetings while standing on our feet. Well, the... [Read More]

» Solution to Long Meetings from the Dark Skies of my Mind
I found a solution to long meetings: lose the chairs! Read about it here. While working at my corporate office I remember sitting in meetings for one, two, sometimes three hours while listening to various chairs squeak, the presenter ramble on abo... [Read More]

» Stand Up Meetings from Jaxon Rice
This is my second post in a row about meetings, which is unusual because I am a telecommuter who can [Read More]


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